Fields of Expertise

Fields of Expertise

  • Crew Recruitment & Placement Services
  • Operations & Management of offshore vessels
  • Pre purchase Inspection of Vessels
  • Chartering
  • Brokering • Rig Move
  • Ocean
  • Marine Repairs & Fabrication.
  • Supply of Spares, Stores and Bunkers.

Safety & ISM Compliance

The Company gives utmost priority to adhering to the standards laid down in ISM and the issues concerning protection of Marine Environment and Safety of life at sea. We instruct and emphasize our crew to strictly adhere to the following:
  • All aspects of marine safety with utmost priority in order to constantly strive to provide the highest standards of marine and
    ocean environmental safety attainable.
  • Aim towards “no loss of life at sea and minimize pollution from ships” to the seas and world coastlines, thus promoting safety at
    all times.
  • Compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code for the Safe Operation of ships and for International Oil
    Pollution Prevention (IOPP) norms so as to ensure that:
  1. Documentation procedures comply with “best practices” required by the industry.
  2. Documentation process compliments the ISM code in accordance with the operator’s requirements.

Quality Policy

The Company:
  • Takes keen interest in understanding and evaluating the customer needs in the various fields in a modern marine environment. 
  • Is committed to continuously improve and bring innovative practices to achieve customer’s satisfaction.
  • Lays tremendous emphasis and endeavors for the overall improvement in the standards of the Manning and Management Services at
    every step.
  • Is committed to develop and create safe and conducive working environment for the employees.
  • Strives to build customer confidence, through an effective Quality Management System.
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